For a look at some of our stock lines for cooking and heating, please click on the FROZEN PRODUCTS button on the right.

Our range is extensive; and it is difficulty to attempt to collate it in only a few lines. Here is an attempt................

Poultry - both cooked and uncooked

Meat - Sausages and mince

Prepared meals

Ice cream, iced confection, gelato and frozen yoghurt

Frozen juice cups

Frozen fruit

Spring rolls

Fish coktails & fillets

Pies and sausage rolls

Potato variants - hash browns ovals/triangles, potato cakes & wedges and fries)

Sweet potatoes

Single Serve pizzas

Breads - hot dog buns, dinner rolls, Half baguettes, pizza bases and tortillas

Slab cakes
Banana bread in bulk and single serve varieties

Frozen Products

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